Člověk a technika photogram exhibition by Libor Teplý

On Tuesday, 6 October, the Lecture Centre of Poznań University of Technology hosted a vernissage of photogram exhibition entitled: Člověk a technika – photographic images of the Villa Tugendhat by Libor Teplý. The event was graced with the presence of Czech Ambassador, Jakub Karfik, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic in Poznań, Renata Mataczyńska, and a number of guests from Brno.

Libor Teplý’s Člověk a technika exhibition comprises 18 photographs of the Villa Tugendhat, a symbol of modernist architecture.

The Villa Tugendhat attracted Libor Teplý twenty years ago. From that time on, he has been visiting it frequently, and as a photographer he spent hours there lonely and focused on his work. The collection of photographs by Libor Teplý was created based on the concepts employed in Romano Guardini’s work, represented in the Villa Tugendhat, and it does not illustrate solely the famous structure. The subject is the harmony and beauty of the relationship between human beings and technology.

We encourage everyone to visit the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open until October 16, 2015.



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