Greater Poland in a folk light

Some people are surprised when they hear that a technical university holds a folklore festival. But nowadays, when we are surrounded with virtual reality, this is crucial for our development – said professor Tomasz Łodygowski, Rector of Poznań University of Technology, during inauguration of the 8th Folklore Festival.

The festival . . . → Read More: Greater Poland in a folk light

“Poligrodzianie” at the edge of the world

Tears of emotion, but also of the joy that the Folk Dance Ensemble of the Poznan University of Technology “Poligrodzianie” brought to the Polish community in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, a piece of their homeland. The trip to New Zealand was possible thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which highly rated . . . → Read More: “Poligrodzianie” at the edge of the world

From New Zealand to Szreniawa

Straight from the tour of New Zealand and Oceania, “Poligrodzianie” will arrive for the 50th anniversary of the Museum of Agriculture in Szreniawa on 24 August, 2014.

The Band will present a similar concert program as they did during their “Oceania Artistic Tour” that took place in July 2014 in New Zealand and Tahiti. . . . → Read More: From New Zealand to Szreniawa