Volkswagen Poznań Day

Did you know that Volkswagen Caddy is made of 3,000 screws, rivets and rivet nuts, and the first aluminium alloy screw will be installed in the car in 2015? These and many other questions were answered during 5th VW Day that took place on 14 October 2014 whose theme was: “Quality and Precision”.

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Inauguration of 2014/2015 Academic Year

On 8 October 2014 during the inauguration of 96th academic year of Poznań University of Technology the new Teaching Centre of Chemical Technology Faculty of PUT was officially opened.

During the inauguration the Rector, prof. Tomasz Łodygowski, informed the community that this year there were six candidates for every place . . . → Read More: Inauguration of 2014/2015 Academic Year