7th Warta Carnival Ball

The start of a New Year is closely linked with the Carnival season. And if there is Carnival, there must be dancing, singing, music and plenty of fun!

The Warta Carnival Ball, hosted by the Rector of Poznań University of Technology, has always deserved a special mention in the Carnival season. . . . → Read More: 7th Warta Carnival Ball

Vikings’ Ball

The annual Warta Ball at Poznań University of Technology enjoys fine reputation in Poznań. This year’s event that took place on 7 February in the Lecture Centre assembled numerous theme party enthusiasts. This year’s theme were the Vikings.

On the first Saturday of February 2015 the guests who arrived at the . . . → Read More: Vikings’ Ball

IV Warta’s Carnival

When temperature drops below zero.

It has become a tradition, when harsh winter comes and frosty air chills lungs and blood, Poznań University of Technology gets filled by dance, sing and reverly. On 2nd of February, while walking along Piotrowo street by the Lecture Centre, you could hear the sounds of music and hearty laughs . . . → Read More: IV Warta’s Carnival

III Warta’s carnival

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the III Warta’s carnival which takes place within the hospitable thresholds of the Lecture and Congress Centre (2 Piotrowo) on February 4th 2012. This time we will take you to America, to New Orleans – the capital of total relax – THE BIG EASY as the Americans say.

. . . → Read More: III Warta’s carnival