Politechnika for VW Poznań

For a few years now the employees and students of Poznań University of Technology, invited by Volkswagen Poznań, have participated in Santa Claus party held for the children of the employees of the factory. Shows, workshops and experiments aroused the interest of the youngest participants.

It couldn’t have been otherwise this year. On 6-7 December 2014 we opened a Santa Claus factory, a place of physical experiments conducted by dr Adam Buczek, „Laboratory of Cold” by dr Jakub Pająkowski and workshops of Electroenergetics Research Club. Not only children were hard put to believe that frozen flowers are brittle enough to fall apart when they are touched. Everyone wanted to try blowing out candles from a distance of 2 metres and see levitating balloons. Under the watchful eye of our students, their future successors put fans into motion, built simple electrical circuits and learnt about the source of electricity. This weekend our experiments were one of the most popular attractions.



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