“Gdyby nie miłość, byłaby nicość” concert

“But for love, it would be nothingness” – these words were an inspiration for a few young people who decided to share their deep feelings with us, through the real talent and extraordinary voices of another few youngs. And this is how the opera concert was born.

On 19th of March, Lecture Centre’s auditorium was filled with those who, above all, admire classic aria like “Carmen” and “Tosca” – among all His Magnificence Rector of the University of Technology PhD. Eng. Tomasz Łodygowski.

That night’s event was total success. The attendance was even bigger than organizers could imagine and concert itself touched all the guests to the deep.

“This happening showed so many opportunities, helped us to reach our dreams and, above all, beat the prejudice that students don’t even know what culture really means”

– Jagoda Gołek

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