“Ukrainian Spring” at the Poznan University of Technology

As part of the VII edition of the festival “Ukrainian Spring” at the Poznan University of Technology you can see a poster exhibition “MyDan.” The exhibition will be open until 30 May 2014.

The exhibited posters were created during workshops conducted by Prof. Lex Drewiński, one of the best Poster artists in the world. The leading theme was Kiev’s Maidan. The best of the created works can be seen during the poster exhibition “MyDan” at the Lecture Centre of the Poznań University of Technology (ul. Piotrowo 2)
“Maidan became a symbol of a struggle for democracy. It activated in man, that which is most valuable – the quest for freedom, and that which is the worst – desire for power at all cost. It aroused the need to express or protest in a more emphatic than hitherto way one’s rights, not only in the context of the ongoing events in Ukraine, but also in the context of geographical and political, which the authors of the work currently find themselves. A poster is the perfect medium for expressing such messages – says Prof. Lex Drewiński of the posters that were created under his tutelage.
At the end of the exhibition the works may be purchased, thus donating funds to aid Ukrainians injured on Maidan and to support their families.
A detailed program for the VII edition of the Festival “Ukrainian Spring” can be found at www.poznajsasida.org