IV Warta’s Carnival

When temperature drops below zero.

It has become a tradition, when harsh winter comes and frosty air chills lungs and blood, Poznań University of Technology gets filled by dance, sing and reverly. On 2nd of February, while walking along Piotrowo street by the Lecture Centre, you could hear the sounds of music and hearty laughs and that meant the 4th Warta’s Carnival, held by His Magnificence Rector of the University of Technology PhD. Eng. Tomasz Łodygowski.

On that special night, all visitors took part in unforgetable journey through the cold russian land to discover severe, mysterious beauty and wealths.

For body and soul.

A newcomers were entertained by the one and only welcoming board – polar bear, gladly posing for a photograph; empress Katarzyna II, serving golden cocktail and Rector of the University of Technology himself. After this special greet, the time has come and His Magnificence officially started the ball. All pairs were moving in the rythm of polonez. All tables were weighted down with dishes and whole building was filled with cheerful noises. The entertainment was provided by “Mali Poligrodzianie” and “Poligrodzianie”, who won guest’s hearts with theirs sophisticated choreography and singing skills.

After that splendid performance, the guests took control over the dance floor once again. If it wasn’t enough, there were a lot of surprises waiting for all participants – raffle and charitable auction for instance.

Special thanks to the carnival’s raffle donors:

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