The 1st Warta’s Ball

DSC_2837This year’s University of Technology pompously celebrated carnival. Spectacular event titled ” 1st Nadwarcianski Carnival Ball” attracted those for which the University is not only the employer but also a place where you can have fun in the company of colleagues, family and friends. The Lecture and Conference Center become a ballroom for one night. Original design, beautiful music, performances by visitors from Chile and Mexico were the main attractions of the ball. Some of students works were put on auction and a raffle. Profits from the ball in the amount of 3,420,-PLN were intended to support the activities of the Association of Students with Disabilities established at University of Technology. During Ball the Folk Group Mali Poligodzianie celebrated  its 25th anniversary. Ball was very successful and eveyone had great fun – the next ball for the year on Feb. 5, 2011.