We’re going into Space – Polifestiwal 2015

Another edition of the Polifestiwal took place on 16 April 2015 under the following banner: “Welcome to Space”. The event was a part of 18th Poznań Festival of Science and Arts.

There were plenty of attractions prepared for the enthusiasts of the universe: spectacular shows and presentations, intriguing lectures, workshops, exhibitions and many other surprises. We have learnt about the secrets of gravity, weightlessness and the problematics of interstellar voyages illustrated by physical experiments during a show entitled: “Physics in Space”. COSMIC CHEMISTRY SHOW, i.e. interactive shows involving the audience, aroused a great interest among both younger and older students. SPACEFLIGHT – YESTERDAY AND TODAY presentation depicted instruments used during maiden spaceflights and those used in the contemporary times. STAR TREK – SCIENCE FICTION OR THE FUTURE OF PHYSICS? attempted to answer the question about the possibility to travel between galaxies, just like in the classic science fiction film. A novelty among the attractions was a mobile planetarium – a unique teaching tool which shows the astronomical and geographical phenomena in the sky and illustrates the laws of physics that govern the movement of celestial objects. This was an excellent occasion to broaden knowledge and take a magical journey throughout the world of astronomy.

These are only a handful of examples of all the attractions. If you missed out on the event, make sure to attend Polifestiwal next year!