Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Slaski summarizes XIV Poznan Science and Art festival

On March 31th, 2011 lecture “Real Car Driving in the virtual world” took place in Lecture and Congress Centre (aud. 7).

After the lecture the participants moved to the hall of building A17/1, where the Vehicles Control Station is situated. They observed a simulation show to reconstruct operating conditions of drive system in a car with automatic transmission.

The audience saw a film, which show windshield, car interior with the brake and accelerate pedals handled by the driver.

At the same time real engine with the gearbox and rotating mass simulating actual vehicle with help of computer controlled brakes worked around quite as in movie.

Confirmation of this was the impression that the engine is determined by the movements of the pedals on screen. In fact it was determined by a code, created during real road tests on the base of speed and throttle opening degree data.

Specially developed computer program compared the data with actual state of the throttle, speed and rotating mass to reproduce them correct as possible.

The presentation has been observed by more than 150 people.

We thanks Dr. Eng Hubert Pikosz and Janusz Fabis for help.


Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Slaski

ME Janusz Walkowiak

Source: http://www.grzegorzslaski.pl/

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