Another stage of the MODULAR project

MODULAR light FASHION is an exhibition of photographs that illustrate the original and innovative project of dr inż. arch. Hanna Michalak that entails the application of modules made of textiles in fashion. The fashion creations designed and made single-handedly are an artistic experiment. The modules cover human body and create a structure made of spatial sculptures with an intriguing game of lights and shadows. Thanks to the repeatability of the elements the majority of the costumes are mobile. Some parts of the costumes may be moved to other location giving a lot of opportunities to change the look of the costume. The light, both daylight and artificial light, plays a special role in the creations, whether it is white or coloured. A white textile illuminated with a coloured light in many shades via advanced LED systems makes one see the creations in a new light.

The MODULAR light Fashion exhibition is open in the Municipal Theatre of Piła until 27 September. More information on the invitation.