Poznań University of Technology students, winners of the Poznań District Volunteer Award

Michał Bojba and Dawid Kulas, students of the Poznań University of Technology have been honoured with the Poznań District Volunteer Award.

The Poznań District Volunteer Statuettes was presented to the winners by Jan Grabkowski, Starost of Poznań, during the sixth edition of the Volunteering Gala, held on 13 May 2014. It was attended by volunteers nominated by non-governmental organizations that honour a special commitment to selfless activity. 63 organisations responded to the invitation of the Starost Office, nominating 122 persons.
Michał Bojba and Dawid Kulas were among the group of persons selected by the Association “Poligrodzianie.” Both are very committed among others, to the organisation of the Festival of Folk Arts as well as other cultural events not only addressed to our University community, but also to all residents of Poznań. They prefer to act as chaperone for foreign groups and bands that attend our Festival:
– „We accompany them during their stay in Poland – help with accommodation, show them Poznan, support them in all unexpected situations. Thanks to this we also “benefit” a lot – we strike up interesting acquaintances, get to know other cultures. We also derive a personal satisfaction that we are doing something useful” – they say.
During the Gala, Jan Grabkowski, the Starost of Poznań expressed his appreciation to the attitude of the volunteers, which should inspire others to undertake similar actions and overcome barriers. Charitable and difficult work as well as sacrifice are qualities not often encountered – and thus, deserve special recognition.