Academic Sports Gala

On October 19, the Lecture and Conference Centre (Piotrowo 2) became the premises for the National Academic Sports Gala. The event was organized by Poznan Academic Sports Association AZS in cooperation with Poznan University of Technologies. The Gala summarized National Academic Championships 2012/2013 and praised the best universities and clubs in ASA AZS organization. Medalists of The Olympic Games (Karolina Naja) and World Academic Championship were also awarded.

Before the Gala there was a ceremonial dinner with His Magnificence Rector of Poznan University of Technology Ph.D. Eng. Tomasz Łodygowski. The dinner was attended by, among others, Vice-President of the City of Poznań Mr. Dariusz Jaworski, representative of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Mr. Tadeusz Rożej, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Mr. Jacek Foks, AZS General Secretary, Mr. Bartłomiej Korpak, Director of Sports of the City of Poznań, Mrs. Ewa Bak, President of ZG AZS Mr. Marek Rocki and Vice-Rector for Education Ph.D. Jacek Goc.

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