“Poligrodzianie” – Ambassador of Wielkopolska Culture in Peru

From the 8-15 of April 2014, the Poznan University of Technology Folk Dance Ensemble “Poligrodzianie” was in Lima at the invitation of the Polish Embassy and the Association of Peruvian and Polish Families “Dom Polski.” The group, made up of dancers and musicians embarked on the distant journey with the title of Culture Ambassador of Wielkopolska.

“Poligrodzianie” took part in the international Festival “San Isidro abre sus puertas al Mundo”, organised for the third time by one of the richest districts of Lima – San Isidro. The event is an open exhibition promoting cultures around the world. Participating nations prepare their own stands with regional products and information brochures on culture, tourism and technical achievements. On a professionally designed stage, artistic groups give a full-length performance, presenting in a nutshell their native culture. As many as 46 nations participated in this year’s festival, which was visited by approximately 100,000 people.
The performances of “Poligrodzian” were enthusiastically received by the audience in “San Isidro …” and provided a great promotion of our country. The group presented a colourful spectacle of music and dance, complemented by music from different regions of Poland with particular emphasis on Wielkopolska. A complement to the performances included – stories about the country, important monuments and places, as well as about great Poles – interesting visualisation, emitted during the concerts in the background, on a large outdoor screen. A special applause from the Peruvian audience was triggered by a performance specially prepared for the occasion, the local hit – “El Condor Pasa.” The organizers of the Festival repeatedly stressed that the Group had a sizeable contribution to the success of the event.
All this contributed to the additional interest in the performances of “Poligrodzian” in the Peruvian media nationwide – In Radio San Borja in Lima (during the program “Mundo sin Limites” – “A World Without Limits”); Radio RPP program Milagros Valverde “De la noche a la ma ñana”, also recorded for the Internet TV RPP Noticias; Radio Filarmonia where, among others, the inspiration drawn from folk music by the creators of classical music, including Chopin were discussed.
The group also gave a performance in the garden of the Polish Embassy in Lima for the local Polish community (nearly 120 members of the association “Dom Polski”, were in attendance). After the performance, a workshop on Wielkopolska Wiwat and Polonaise, as well as a savouring of Polish dishes was held.
Lima is a place full of contrasts. And also a very exotic place of interesting aura that leaves one with vivid memories. It was a journey that proved to the young dancers and musicians how significant a culture-forming role is in promoting Polish folk tradition around the world. The worthily represented the country and our region as a Cultural Ambassador for Wielkopolska.