SEN TEN CJE – Tomasz Matusewicz

Ph.D. Tomasz Matusewicz is an employee of Architecture Faculty at Poznan University of Technology, Department of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Visual Arts. He graduated with distinction from ASP Poznan (University of Arts). He took part in many collective and individual exhibitions: „Nowe Pokolenie w Sztuce Polskiej” („New Generation in Polish Art”) CSW Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw and others. „SEN TEN CJE” exhibition in the Lecture and Conference Center is the second part of exhibition which took place in Torun’s Art Gallery Wozownia in 2011-12.

SEN TEN CJE . March- May 2012,Poznan University of Technology Lecture and Conference Centre (Piotrowo 2)