Welcome to opening ceremony of “Century since the Machu Picchu discovery” exhibition

There wasn’t autumn dullness and slush everywhere in Poznan in friday morning on November 25th. University’s Authorities with Embassy and Consulate of Peru provided bright, warm sun to Lecture and Congress Centre. Exhibition “Century since the Machu Picchu discovery” has been opened in the Walls of Poznan University of Technology. Her Excellency Ambassador of Peru Mrs. Martha Chavarri Dupuy, His Magnificence Rector of The University Prof. Dr hab. Eng. Adam Hamrol and Republic of Peru’s Honorary Consul Mr. Kajetan Pyrzynski. Ceremony program consisted of presentation by Mariusz Ziolkowski (polish archeologist, Head of Centre for Precolumbian Studies in Warsaw University and Associate Professor of Catholic University of Santa Maria in Arequipa, Peru), Lecture by Ambassador of Peru and Honorary Consul and banquet. Artistic part of the ceremony has been provided by Peruvian musicians who managed to infect with holiday mood even His Magnificence.