Kolumnada II

40 artists from Poznań University of Technology, Poznań University of Arts and Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław present their works on exhibition in the Lecture Centre of Poznań University of Technology.

The exhibition is a continuation of Kolumnada series that started last year. The idea for the exhibition – which at that time included only sculptures – was inspired by the Lecture Centre building, which is an interesting example of modern architecture. The columns of the Lecture Centre that face the Warta and Old Town have defined the rhythm and number of invited artists in a natural way – to 15. Each artist undertook a dialogue with this place in an individual way.

The title of the exhibition refers to a book by Filip Springer – Wanna z kolumnadą, which is a critical review of the look of Polish cities. One of the aims of the exhibition was to answer a question about the role of art in cities. All the artists made a compromise and took the artistic liberty and risk of presentation of their work in a public space in exchange for the opportunity of contact with a wide audience.

This year’s Kolumnada united 40 artists who showed also paintings, and apart from the external colonnade, took over the inside of the building to present their works.

The exhibition is open from the beginning till the end of May.


Kolumnada plakat 800x600px

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