Volkswagen Poznań Day

Did you know that Volkswagen Caddy is made of 3,000 screws, rivets and rivet nuts, and the first aluminium alloy screw will be installed in the car in 2015? These and many other questions were answered during 5th VW Day that took place on 14 October 2014 whose theme was: “Quality and Precision”.

After prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Żurek, Vice-Rector of PUT, and Piotr Danielewicz, press officer of Volkswagen Poznań, gave their welcome to the students, a lecture entitled: “Screw connections in thermoplastics – theory and practice” assembled plenty of listeners.

With the lecture over, the students could engage in interesting workshops and shows, e.g. modelling thermoplastics with a variety of tools, screwing wheels, screwing the steering wheel in the cockpit, virtual welding, simulation of robot programming, Yassaki workshop, training in ergonomics. Everyone had a chance to prove themselves! To conclude the event the organisers invited their younger colleagues for a huge barbecue.

VW Day at PUT is a fixed part of the university’s event calendar. Its main goal is to familiarise the students with the tasks undertaken by particular departments of the Company, and present  VW Poznań as a major employer in the region.