Breakfast with “Rzeczpospolita”

What are the experiences in the relationships between scientists and entrepreneurs? What should be done to make them even better? These topics were discussed at the Poznań University of Technology by participants of the breakfast with “Rzeczpospolita” titled, “Science and business.”

The Poznań breakfast with “Rzeczpospolita” was attended Iwona Wendel – Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Development; Jolanta Kokosińska – partner at PwC Poland; Adam Góral – CEO Asseco Poland; Mirosław Kruszyński Deputy President of Poznań and Prof. dr hab.inż. Tomasz Łodygowski – vice-chancellor of the Poznań University of Technology.

In the opinion of Professor Tomasz Łodygowski, the assessment of the cooperation between science and business should not be extreme – since both parties are after all responsible for education. The vice-chancellor presented two examples of successful cooperation of the University with the companies; Volkswagen Poznań and Phoenix Contact, which requiring specialists in automation and robotics, but also wanting to shorten the period of adaptation to the realities of the industry, offer students a three-month paid internship. – Today, we need to educate in order to provide graduates with opportunities on the labour market; this is possible, taken that only 2 percent of our graduates are unemployed – the vice-chancellor emphasised.