„Poligrodzianie” meritorious for the Poznań University of Technology

The Folk dance Group “Poligrodzianie” was awarded a Medal “Meritorious for the Poznan University of Technology.”

The award was presented by HM, Vice-chancellor Prof.dr hab.inż. Tomasz Łodygowski on 28 May 2014 during the XX Ceremonial Session of the University Senate.

In a short speech, His Magnificence recalled that last year the Band celebrated its 40th anniversary.
The Ceremonial Session of the Senate was held as part of the Poznan University of Technology Day 2014. It was combined with state decorations to outstanding Employees of the University and the laying of the cornerstone for the sports hall.
In addition to the University Authorities, the ceremony was attended by Employees and Senators, among others: Krystyna Łybacka Member of the European Parliament; Piotr Florek, provincial governor of Wielkopolska; Marek Woźniak, Marshal of Wielkopolska Province, and Mirosław Kruszyński the Vice-president of Poznań.

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